Vanilla Pear Fall Cocktail

Vanilla Pear Cocktails

I am a little late getting this drink out to you guys. Please forgive me I was too busy drinking instead of writing. I am sure you will understand once you give this cocktail a try. Every season I must have a “House Drink” and for Fall, it is this flavorful and crisp Vanilla Pear Cocktail.  It only took getting friends over to cut down a tree, a few rounds of taste testing, and me in a pirate hat. I will spare you the minor details except for one! From that day on the property with a light Fall breeze, a chainsaw, good friends, and the love of pears came this cocktail.

Pretty Pears

Gorgeous and tasty the pear demands the spotlight but I slipped in another Fall favorite – The Apple. Well more like Crown Royal’s Regal Apple Canadian Whiskey. This stuff is so good and smooth! You may want to try my grown up apple juice, The Royal Apple Cocktail.

Vanilla Pear Cocktail

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Vanilla Pear Fall Cocktail

Prep Time: 2 minutes


Vanilla Pear Fall Cocktail

A seasonal cocktail that is crisp and refreshing.



  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Pour the first 3 ingredients into the shaker and shake until the shaker is cold and the contents are frothy.
  3. Pour the club soda into a martini glass.
  4. Now pour the contents of the shaker into the martini glass.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

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