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DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Here is a simple to make bird feeder using materials you may already have on hand.

1 Empty & clean grated Parmesan cheese container. (Label removed)
1 Lollipop or cake pop stick
Bird Seed
A sharp blade or knife
1. Cut an X evenly near the bottom of both sides of the Parmesan cheese container. This is where you will punch threw the lollipop stick.
2. Cut small circles about 2 inches above the X cuts. This is where the birds will get the bird seeds. 
3. Punch the lollipop stick through the X cuts. 
4. Fill the container with seeds. 
5. Place string centered across the top of the container. (pictured below)
DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder 16. Holding string in place. Put the lid on and screw into place. 
7. Hang in a place where the birds will find it.
DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder

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