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Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Cakes

This product was provided by Full Spirited Flavours. All opinions are my own.

Full Spirited Liqueur Cakes

Did someone say boozy cakes? Yes, and that company is Full Spirited Flavours. As you know boozy is a word we use around here a lot so when we were given the opportunity to try these cakes we immediately said, YES!!!


Full Spirited Liqueur Cakes. I am buying these for my foodie friends for Christmas

So how were they? Ah-mazing! Six of us gathered around the kitchen table with forks in hand and dived in. Not one person was disappointed.

How do these boozy cakes measure up?

– Cake flavors: Chocolate Razz, Lemoncello, Amaretto, Mango Coconut Rum

– Cake quality was excellent.

– Boozy flavor was perfect and was not over bearing. Nobody got that bitter scrunched up face you get when you taste a strong cocktail.

– Each cake tasted great. Our personal favorite was the Mango Coconut Rum Cake. The other three cakes tied for second place.

– The one thing we were bummed about was that the pink Belgium chocolate flakes melted during the shipping process. This created a chocolate glaze over the top of the cake and it melted down into the cracks of the cake. This shipping mishap was totally forgiven and actually appreciated.

Full Spirited Liqueur Cakes

Would we order again? Yes. We are already planning on buying the Full Sized Mango Coconut Rum Cake for the Holidays. Also we will be ordering the Blooming Blossoms pack (what you see pictured here) as gifts for all of our foodie friends and family.

These boozy cakes come in a variety of sizes. Check them out and order your cakes here!

p.s. If you are buying these as a gift the packaging is really pretty and fun so no wrapping paper required!

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