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How To Freeze Blueberries

Wondering how to freeze blueberries? Here is the best way to freeze blueberries so they don’t stick together in one huge ball. 

How To Freeze Blueberries 1

There is one right way to freeze blueberries and a couple wrong ways. This is how to freeze blueberries the right way.

With blueberry season about to be in full swing I have the one tip you need.

Properly freezing blueberries is simple.

Why can’t I just put them in a freezer bag and freeze them?

Good question! They will freeze however, they will freeze together and you will end up with a huge ice chunk of blueberries. The method below freezes the berries individually so you can grab as many as you need. Otherwise you will have to thaw a whole ice chunk of blueberries.  

Items Needed to Freeze Your Blueberries

  • Large cookie sheet.
  • Space in your freezer. 
  • Freezer Bag

How to Freeze Blueberries

  1. Spread blueberries out on a cookie sheet.
  2. The trick to perfectly frozen blueberries is to spread them out on a cookie sheet so they are not touching.
  3. Place the tray of blueberries in the freezer for at least 5 hours.
  4. Once they are frozen they will not stick to each other.
  5. Now place your blueberries in a freezer bag and store in your freezer.
  6. Enjoy fresh berries anytime for baking, snacking, or smoothies.

How to Freeze Blueberries

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Find more information for growing, recipes, and nutrition at the Blueberry Council.  



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