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Bring Outside Color Inside

Bring Outside Color Inside 1
Bring the outside fall seasonal colors indoors. I absolutely love the deep red color on the Japanese
Maple during the fall season. I have this gorgeous tree on my property but
unfortunately, I do not have a view of my Maple from the house. So I decided to
bring some of these gorgeous red leaves inside along with some evergreens.The maple leaves usually keep their shape for about 12-24 hours after being cut. Soon the leaves start to curl and wilt so keep your decorating simple. Replace leaves as needed.The evergreens last about a month before needing to be changed out.
I picked up some vases at the thrift store for a quarter a
piece. I think the red leaves look stunning in this white vase. 
Bring Outside Color Inside 2
I also had two decorative votive candle holders that I pushed together. I cut off small
Cedar and Spruce branches and mixed those with Japanese Maple leaves. That created a beautiful centerpiece for my dining room table. 
I also cut some long branches off my Spruce in my back
yard and put them in vases. These branches gave nice height to my mantels around the house.
Bring Outside Color Inside 3
I hope you enjoyed these simple decorating tips to bring some outdoor Fall color inside this season.

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