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Caramel Brownie Truffles

Caramel Brownie Truffles 1

The Holiday season calls for more chocolate right? If you love chocolate then you will love these Caramel Brownie Truffles. Add some holiday colored sprinkles and these make a lovely gift.

– After baking your brownies and you have hard edges don’t use them to make the truffle. Cut off the crunchy edges and eat them, give them to your kids, or toss them out.
– If you can’t find Caramel Bits at the stores then you can substitute with Kraft Caramels. They are individually wrapped and you will have to cut them into smaller pieces. Both products are by Kraft.
– You will have to do some chilling for this recipe but serve the truffles at room temperature. You will be tempted to pop one of this delicious balls of chocolate heaven into your mouth but, if they are cold it will be like a chocolate rock! The caramel and brownie will be hard.
– See my Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips post on melting chocolate in a double boiler if you are not familiar with this method.

1 box of Brownies ( and the ingredients according to the box)
1 12 oz package of Milk Chocolate Chips
1 cup Caramel Bits or Caramels chopped

Make brownies as directed and mix caramel into the brownie batter and bake brownies as directed on box. Let cool and flip out onto a cutting board.
Cut away hard edges.
Tear off portions and roll brownies into balls by hand.
Place on a wax paper lined tray (cookie sheet)
Place in refrigerator for about an hour.
10 minutes before removing the brownie balls from the fridge melt chocolate using the double boiler method.
Roll chilled balls with forks one at a time in the melted chocolate.
Place back on wax paper lined tray. When all balls are covered in chocolate pour sprinkles over them and place the tray back into the refrigerator for 20 minutes or until chocolate has set.
Serve at room temperature.


Caramel Brownie Truffles


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