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Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games

Are you ready to have some Christmas fun?  Here is my list of favorite Christmas Party
games that will get everyone laughing and having a good time.
Santa Beard Contest
Supplies: Cotton Balls, large plate, table, timer and
Object: The player with the most cotton balls stuck to
their face wins.
Directions: Set up 2 stations on a table. Stations have a
jar of Vaseline and a plate of cotton balls. The two players stand at their
station. Another person will start the timer. The players will have 30 seconds
to apply Vaseline to their face and then without using their hands try to get
as many cotton balls to stick to their face by dipping their Vaseline slathered
face into the plate of cotton balls. Once the 30 seconds are up the judge will
count have many cotton balls are stuck to the players face. The player with the
most cotton balls wins. This can also be a team game. Just have someone to add
more cotton balls to the plate between players.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest
Supplies:  Frozen
Object: First team to have a team member wearing the
frozen t-shirt wins.
Directions: The morning of your party take extra large
t-shirts and dunk them in a sink full of water. Ring the shirts out and fold
shirts in half. Roll the shirts up and place on a tray in your freezer. This
game is made up of teams of two. One person unrolls the frozen t-shirt and
assists their teammate with putting the t-shirt on.
NOTE: Leave your shirt on and put the frozen t-shirt over
it. You
don’t want to over soak your t-shirts or deep freeze them. The players will not
get them unrolled.
Decorator Dash
Supplies: Small Christmas Trees, Garland, and ornaments.
Object: First team to completely set up their tree and
decorate it wins.
Directions: This game works best with a team of 3-4.
Dollar General has little 4 ft Christmas Trees that work perfect for this
game.  Have two large areas for this
game. Have the plastic tree stand put together and placed in the center of the
team’s work space. On the floor spread out the tree branches, ornaments and
garland. The first team that has their Christmas tree decorated wins.
Please add your Christmas Party games in the comments

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