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Hanging Flower Basket Inspiration

Gorgeous Hanging Flower Basket Inspiration.

gorgeous hanging flower baskets

I have rounded up some of the most beautiful hanging baskets around the web. Some of these images were pins on Pinterest but did not have a source. Don’t you just hate that?! Find something awesome on Pinterest, click on it and it takes you to the internet void! Most of these pictures do have sources just click on the link below the picture.

This post contains Amazon Shopping Affiliate Links to help you recreate these gorgeous baskets. 

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hanging flower baskets
Source: Susans Daily Dose  

Love the blue Petunias laced through this basket. I would have this style basket hanging from my fence posts. Even though this picture has a source it doesn’t list the flowers used or directions on how to put it together.

hanging baskets
Source: Proven Winners    

Yes, please! I love this single color flower ball. These baskets would be perfect for a long and tall front porch. Click on the Source for a great article on creating and maintaining hanging baskets. Love these white hanging brackets to match the post. 

hanging basket for shade
Source: Kinsman Gardens  

Since I am surrounded by trees one thing I have a lot of is shade. I love Fuchsia and Caladiums. I think these shade baskets would look stunning hanging from some of my trees.

hanging baskets
Source: none  

A pretty mix of plant variety in this basket. Absolutely adore the pointed bottom basket and the chain ornament at the top.

pink hanging basket
Source: Bob Villa      

How pretty is this pink, purple and white basket? Click on the source for a great article on choosing the right plants and flowers for hanging baskets.

hanging flower baskets
Source: None  

Incredibly stunning. This makes me want to go to the nursery right now and recreate this masterpiece! There is so much going on in this flower basket and I absolutely love it! 

hanging baskets
Source: The Enduring Gardener

Simply bright and beautiful. Although this gorgeous basket couldn’t possibly be ignored I would hang it near the entrance of my house so that all my guests would have to stop and enjoy it before coming inside.

hanging flower baskets
Source: Jeni C. on Flickr

The unruliness of this basket is just plain fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of birds called it home. If you are on Flickr be sure to follow Jeni. She has fabulous photostream.

hanging flower basket
Source: Proven Winners

This basket is so soft and elegant. This would be stunning hanging around a formal garden.

hanging basket of petunias
Source: Hub Pages    

Different colored Petunias are a must for summer hanging baskets. View the source page for great ideas for creating a fun Cottage style front porch.

hanging baskets
Source: Garden Toolbox News    

Go big or go home! The source is a great article about this guy’s awesomely huge hanging basket. How many plants do you think he has in that basket?

hanging baskets on a front porch
Source: Front Porch Ideas & More    

Need some privacy? How about a privacy fence made up of hanging baskets.

hanging flower baskets
Source: Stauffer’s  

This is not only a lovely hanging basket but a great picture. I love the color combination of the pink, purple and red.


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