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The Mixologist Gift Guide – The Top 10 Most Wanted Gifts

Find the best gifts for the at home bartender and Mixologist. The Mixologist Gift Guide – 10 of the Best gifts you can give for the Mixologist and at home bartender.

One thing I know is the detail in mixing cocktails for friends, family and for this website. If you are looking for a cool gift for the mixologist in your life I have a list of super awesome stuff every mixologist wants. Give the mixologist all the tools they need for creating amazing cocktails and signature recipes.

The Coolest Mixologist Gift Guide

Mixologist Cocktail Shaker Set – This is a nice set with the basics. The set comes with a shaker, jigger and swiveled bar spoon. That bar spoon is the trick to get those cool layered drinks.

The Mixologist Gift Guide

Cocktail Muddler, Bar Spoon and Stainless Steel Straw Set – If the Mixologist you are buying for already has a cocktail shaker than this is a pretty awesome gift set. It comes with a really nice muddler. Muddlers are used to mash fruits and herbs to release their flavors into the cocktail. This set also comes with the much needed bar spoon to make those killer layered drinks. And how cool is that stainless steel straw?


Can’t leave out a classic game of skill while mixing up drinks for friends. Jenga

Best Seller: The Ultimate Bar Book. The comprehensive guide to 1,000 cocktail recipes

Endless inspiration from this best seller: The Ultimate Bar Book. The comprehensive guide to over 1,000 cocktails.

cocktail glasses

Don’t leave out cocktail glasses. Be sure to get some stylish ones for all those awesome boozy concoctions.

Alcohol Bottle Pourer

Pourers are not necessary but are total luxury when it comes to mixing. These are especially helpful when you are entertaining and making a bunch of drinks at once. Plus they are inexpensive. Check out this pack of 12 for around $10.

Bamboo Cutting Board

One thing that is often overlooked is a cutting board. A nice knife and cutting board is essential for cutting up all those fruits and herbs for flavor and garnishes


Now that all those lemons and limes have been cut up it is now time to juice them. The mixologist really wants an easy to use and easy to clean juicer. The fancier, the more parts, the more you have clean. Simple is best when it comes to a juicer. 

Fee Brothers Bitters Collection

Endless possibilities with this bitters collection by Fee Brothers.


Stylish Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks

There is nothing more classy on a cocktail than a garnish on a cocktail pick. Think about those olives in a martini or berries in a Summer spiked lemonade.

I hope this Mixologist Gift Guide helps you find the perfect gift.

Find the best gifts for the at home bartender and Mixologist. The Mixologist Gift Guide - 10 of the best gifts you can get for the Mixologist and at home bartender.

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