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Yummly Introduction

Yummly Introduction 1

Don’t you just love the web? The world at your fingertips. I want to introduce you to a website that I’ve been using for a several months now. It is called Yummly. It is a website with nothing but recipes from around the web. It is your virtual recipe box that you build. You can save and categorize your favorite recipes that you find on the web using the Yum bookmarklet or the Yum button. I have added the Yum button. See it over there on the left of your screen or if your reading this via mobile device on the bottom?

You will also discover recipes that are in the feed and can browse popular categories. By the way, it is completely free for you to use!

To get started simply create a profile. You can even edit your taste and diet preferences. Then browse recipes on the Yummly website and “Yum” (save) recipes you want and organize them into categories like, Chicken Dinner, Appetizers, Dessert, etc.

It is really easy to use and fun! Be sure to visit my page and “Yum” some of my recipes.

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