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White Christmas Clusters

White Christmas Clusters 1

Tis the season for great baking item sales at the grocery store. This time of year is great to stock up on baking supplies like sugar, chocolate chips, and nuts. One afternoon I was craving chocolate and opened the door to my pantry and put this super easy recipe together.

I reference the boiler method for the chocolate. If you don’t know what that is read my recipe for Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips. Yes, I love Ghirardelli chocolate and will melt it down and dip anything in it.

You can fit the batch into 1, 14 cube ice tray but if you want smaller candies and more quantity fill only halfway. If you don’t have ice trays or chocolate molds you can spoon out the candy onto wax paper.

If using an ice tray lightly spray vegetable oil onto the tray. This will help when
popping the candy out of the tray and will not affect the taste. Just like removing
ice from the tray twist the tray. The candy should come right out.

White Christmas Clusters 2

These little clusters have a beautiful presentation on a china plate. If you know someone that is a white chocolate fanatic these would make a wonderful homemade gift. You can pick up little boxes at your local craft store. Line the box with wax paper and BOOM you have a delicious gift.

White Christmas Clusters 3
White Christmas Clusters 4

Above, the first picture is of the double boiler method. The steam heats the chocolate in the glass bowl melting it down. Keep stirring so the chocolate doesn’t burn.
The funny thing about the ice tray is that I don’t think my kids know it is really for ice.


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