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Everything Hummus & Smoked Cheddar Toast

Everything Hummus and Smoked Cheddar Toast

Remember being a kid and toast options were boring and limited. I typically got cheese toast, peanut butter toast and sometimes my mom would slather on the butter and sprinkle the toast with cinnamon and sugar. Oh what a treat that was!

Here is the thing, I love toast! Crunchy bread equals happiness and endless possibilities. So where does my flavor imagination take me when it comes to toast? Glad you asked! The answer is my very own pantry and refrigerator.  And not because of the staples of peanut butter and American cheese singles. In my pantry is food I like. In your pantry, there is food you like. That is where the fun comes in when creating something new for your trusted taste buds. Now honestly you may just want to stop with the melted cheese. I know it looks good, but more flavor awaits!

Smoked Cheddar on Russian Rye

So on this particular mid-morning I wanted a snack. I opened up my pantry to find half a loaf of New York Russian Rye Bread. I am not one who willingly let’s good food go to waste. I had to find something to make using this bread and I wasn’t in the mood for a sandwich.

On to the refrigerator! What would I like with my bread? Well first a spread of some sort. And of course I need cheese! Cheese and bread just go together in perfect harmony. After finding my cheese and my spread I needed some sweetness. Back to pantry and there sat a bag of trail mix. So yes, I picked out a handful of raisins from the trail mix. Surely no one will notice! A rough chop of raisin to top this epic toast creation!

Everything Hummus & Smoked Cheddar Toast

Did this impromptu toast taste amazing?! YES! My husband found his way to the kitchen and asked, “What’s that?” After describing the toast and how good it turned out he gave me a halfhearted, “I will take your word for it”. Umm NO you are going to try it now! After the bite I forced upon him he requested his own slice.

Everything Hummus & Smoked Cheddar Toast

1 slice of New York Russian Rye Bread
1 Tbs Everything Hummus
Thinly sliced Smoked Cheddar
1 Tbs Chopped Raisins

Toast bread in a toaster oven.
Halfway through toasting add Smoked Cheddar.
Return to toaster oven and toast until cheddar starts to melt.
Let cheese cool for about 30 seconds.
Spread on Everything Hummus.
Top with roughly chopped raisins.

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Everything Hummus and Smoked Cheddar on Russian Rye Toast

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