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Herbs that keep Mosquitoes Away

Herbs that keep Mosquitoes Away 1

Spring is here and so are the mosquitoes. We plan to spend a lot of time out on our deck this season and there are a couple ways I plan on combating those pesky mosquitoes.

One way is having my herb garden pull double duty. The scent from the herbs: Rosemary, Basil, Lemon Balm and Lavender repel mosquitoes.

Plant in pretty pots and place in front of entryways, or on your patio or deck. Lavender makes a gorgeous centerpiece on a patio table.

For a little extra protection rub lemon balm or lavender on your wrists and ankles. You will smell lovely to everyone but mosquitoes.

These herbs are available through Burpee Gardening and be sure to order your FREE catalog!

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