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Planning for a Spring Garden

Planning a Spring Garden
Photo credits, Burpee, David Austin, Burpee
These winter days get me daydreaming about the spring and
all things green. To get my gardening fix this time of year I start planning my
Spring Garden.

First things first! I order my 3 favorite FREE Gardening
Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
– David Austin Roses
– Burpee

out your yard to identify the places you want to add plants and flowers. How is
the soil, drainage, sun exposure? Keep these questions in mind when picking out
your new plants. You don’t want to purchase plants
that won’t grow in your area. You will also need to know your Plant Hardiness Zone.


Browse the catalogs to get ideas
on what to grow this coming year. Also during this time companies will have
special offers and sales. This is a good time to buy and the companies listed
above won’t mail you your plants until the planting season. When you are in
your local hardware store check the gardening section for clearance sales on
gardening supplies and pots.

This Spring I will be sticking with my favorites and trying some plants that I have
never grown before. Below are my gardening
picks for 2014.

HerbsBam Basil , Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Parsley, Thyme.
Vegetables: Cucumbers, Onions, Big Boy Tomatoes, and

Perennials: Hydrangea: Paniculata Unique, David Austin Rose: Heathcliff , and Clematis.
Annuals: Sunflowers: Elegance & Little Becka Hybrid, Verbena: Lanai Royal Purple
with Eye

I am going to attempt to grow Luffa this year. That is
right, I am going to grow a bath sponge. If I can get it to grow I will write
about my experience. If you have grown Luffa before I would love to hear your
advice in the comments section.

In the meantime bring some color into your yard by inviting the birds. See my article on Attracting Birds in the Winter

What are planning to plant in your spring garden? Are you planning on trying new plants?
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