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Recipes for Ripe Bananas

A collection of recipes for ripe bananas other than banana bread. Don’t throw out those ripe bananas. Here is a list of banana recipes to use up your ripe bananas.

Recipes for Ripe Bananas other Than Banana Bread

When you have ripe bananas you think about baking banana bread. It was what your mother did and that is what happens to ripe bananas. They turn into bread. What if I told you that you don’t have to make banana bread?

Those browning bananas on your kitchen counter are not trash! They are full of sweet banana flavor that deserves more than just being baked into some bread. 

Breakfast Recipes with Ripe Bananas

From old-fashioned Amish-style baked oatmeal to trendy toasts, bananas are no exception. These easy banana breakfast recipes will get eaten right up!

Breakfast Recipes for Ripe Bananas

Smoothie Recipes with Ripe Bananas

Don’t toss your ripe bananas! Peel them, slice them, bag them, and freeze them for smoothies. Throw them in the blender with a few other flavors to create your favorite smoothie. Here are a few smoothie recipes with ripe bananas to get you started! 

Smoothie Recipes with Ripe Bananas

Dessert Recipes with Ripe Bananas

There are more dessert recipes out there than Banana Bread! Just because you have ripe bananas doesn’t mean you have to bake into a bread! Try these recipes with ripe bananas for something new! The Banana Bread Pudding is a holiday favorite. We make it every year around the holidays. 

Dessert Recipes with Ripe Bananas

More About Bananas

Can ripe bananas be frozen? YES! Peel your ripe bananas and put them in a freezer-safe bag. These frozen ripe bananas are great for smoothies!

Do ripe bananas have more sugar? An unripe banana is full of complex carbohydrates, but as the banana becomes overripe the starch changes to simple sugars. –

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